Friday, January 14, 2011

Day 102: truth never lies

We get good at hiding things over the years, don’t we?
Hiding them in the back of closets.
Under the rug. 
Under the bed.
Hiding information from the people we care about.
Hiding it from ourselves. 
Out of sight. 
Out of mind.
For self preservation.
So that we don’t wallow.
To keep the peace.
To sleep at night.
Or for whatever reason we create to justify what we conceal.
But the heart remembers.
It knows everything.
The truth never hides.
The truth never lies.
Better to act in ways you can be honest about.
Better to close doors before opening windows.
Better not to collect skeletons.


  1. I have been learning from my doctor and physical therapist that our body stores all of our memories. I am so fascinated with that. I have lots of skeletons in my closet...lots of secrets, memories, and feelings I've kept hidden for all kinds of reasons...2011 is my year to clean out the open the windows and doors and let it all out so that fresh air breathes into it...your words really touched me. Thank you.

  2. I hear you, I've started my 'spring cleaning' a little early this year too. Good luck. And pay attention to what you let go of. Otherwise the lesson leaves with it too.

  3. This reminded me of something I read today (ok.. it was a tweet).. "Who you are inside is always a bit of a secret". It made me feel two extremes of emotions.. it evoked a feeling of that 'eternal loneliness' or untouchable sadness.. that part of you that can never be hugged or understood? But, it also made me feel empowered, that there is a part of the human spirit that isn't 'dependent'.. that all you need, is to be comfortable with yourself. Love yourself. You are born alone and will leave this earth alone... so, cherish the relationships - especially the most intimate of relationships, the one with yourself. Must be something I needed to hear today because it came from you and this little tweet! Thanks for reinforcing my lesson for today! :)