Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day 111: stop. start.

Her: What were you going to say?
Him: Nothing. I wasn’t going to say anything.
Her: Oh. It looked like you had something to say.
Him: I don’t think I have anything particular to say.
Her:  OK.
Him: OK.

Her:  I feel paralyzed today.
Him: If you were paralyzed you'd feel nothing.
Her:  I just feel like everything has decided to stop. That's all.
Him: Why?

Her: I don't know. Why not?
Him: So start it up again.
Her: I can't.
Him: Then you have to think that you can, instead. Don't you?
Her: You’re so smart.
Him: Sometimes. Let’s go for a walk. I might find something to say.
Her: I knew you would. Yes, let’s go. Let’s go for a walk. I feel better now. 

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