Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 113: Go ahead. Wait.

A four syllable word loaded with consonants, vowels, questions, and stop signs.
A word that will rob you of your chance.
Go ahead.
Think about the risk.
Play it out in your head for the millionth time.
Map out how it will be.
How it will feel.
Work out percentages.
Talk it over.
Or better still, write everyone’s lines.
Tomorrow and the day after are gift certificates that never expire, right?
So you can take your time and press pause all you like.
Walk in circles when you get to the red light.
And hope to God it turns green again.


  1. So don't waste a minute hey?
    What happens if the light doesn't turn green?

  2. You kick yourself for having hesitated. Usually.

  3. Yes yes and yes. I love this dear, especially how direct it is. Very true. I say this without hesitation. ;)

  4. The never-expiring gift certificate. Good one!

    - Lahma J