Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 114: The One About Google Searches

My buddy sideproject has guest blogged with me here a few times. Usually we get on MSN Messenger to write about our topic together and then I copy/paste the entire conversation into a WORD document before posting it here. Well today, she opened up a Google Document online that we could both view/write on simultaneously. AND (get this) see eachother’s keystrokes live! Too freaky! The conversation that ensued is not thick with plot, but a live experiment with the many wonders of technology (and Google in particular).
**Please keep in mind (to better follow the conversation) that as sideproject is typing I am line editing, formatting, and fixing grammar.***
Discussion: Google Searches

sideprojectDid you just erase everything we wrote before this? That was the warm up.

365Attempts: Yes. Yes I did.

sideproject: Anyway. I want to post about how when you Google ‘ac’ the first options that pop up are ‘acropolis’ and ‘acrylic nails’. This opens up a whole new world. You’re so detail oriented...

365Attempts: I’m a perfectionist. Sorry. Yes, OK fine. Let’s discuss Google and put more money in their pockets by doing so.

:”My attempt at searching for the word Acropolis. Chapter 1.”

365Attempts: You looked for Greece and ended up in Brooklyn getting your nails done.

: I guess. I just think it’s funny how we can write the first few letters of a word and... Wait...OK--it’s hard to write like this. I feel exposed.

365Attempts: No! It’s awesome writing like this. I’m amazed! Google is an anomaly. (Apparently I had to spell check ‘anomaly’, thank you Google spell check. You’re so smart!)

sideproject: Google is smart. Too smart. It takes sound bytes to a whole new level. I just googled the letters ‘ac’ again. The first two options are ‘access d’ and ‘acanac’. On a normal day I would be WTF about it, but today I want to expand my mind. I’m clicking. By the way, I love how, as I write, you are editing me. This is a whole new version of censorship. 

365Attempts: I’m so anal, you have no idea. While you articulate your thoughts, I'll spell check them. What’s “acanac”? 

sideproject: Let’s focus on the big picture here: “Acanac” has been brought into our lives.

365Attempts: OK, go ahead...

sideproject: What a disappointment. Acanac is a High Speed Internet company. I thought I was going to learn something. I really think you have a case of OCD that you should have checked out immediately. 

365Attempts:  You did learn something today. You learned that companies that pay top dollar will come up as the first option in Google search engines. 

sideproject: Let’s have another go. “mi” - ‘miniclip’ or ‘mind craft’. This one looks promising. 

365Attempts: And both could be great band names.

sideproject: Yes. Or one could be a free online gaming site. No luck with Mindcraft either. It seems to be an online game too. Maybe the Internet is telling me something.

365Attempts: I want to try one. ‘ta’ - Target or Taylor Swift.

sideproject: Ha-ha That's good. How long before you fix my apostrophe?

365Attempts: I’m holding myself back. You have no idea how hard it is.

sideproject: Go ahead.

365Attempts: Thank you.

sideproject: I wish I could have filmed that. Now that is an ad for OCD.

365Attempts:  Whatever! Eye Am What Eye Am!

Sideproject: Back to business...before I start to play Mindcraft. We are on the search for the most screwed up juxtaposition of word searches on earth. 

365Attempts: Maybe I should Google OCD? Hey, Isn’t it mind boggling in itself how the words ‘look up’ have somehow automatically switched to ‘Google’? OK: 'da’- Dawson College or Dancing with the Stars.

: No. I’m going the distance: 'xi' - Xittel or Xilinx?

365Attempts  Careful not to Google ‘xx’...just saying. You'll end up with a Jenna Jameson screensaver.

sideproject: OMG why do I keep stumbling upon technology solutions?

365Attempts And I seem to stumble upon celebs or TV. Interesting. Exactly what this blog post is not, incidentally.

sideproject: I’m sorry is that an insult disguised as something else?

365Attempts: Huh? I just mean: Is this discussion post worthy?

sideproject: Yes, parts of it are. We discovered a new way to write This is exciting! This is how we can write our screenplay!

365Attempts I was just thinking that, too. Thank you, Google Doc!

sideproject: I guess it wasn’t a waste of time afterall. OK post over. "And...scene." 

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  1. haha. y'all are nuts. im gonna check out side projects blog