Thursday, May 5, 2011

Day 213: You choose. You chose.

The spotlight glared on my face and the crowd hushed.
I closed my eyes for a second to hear my thoughts. 
My head whispered, “Pick Door Number 1, trust me, it’s the smarter choice”.
But my heart…
My heart had already chosen.
As I walked towards Door Number 2 a bead of sweat dripped from my brow. 
I touched the handle, turned it slowly, and opened the door.
The crowd voiced their disappointment.
There was nothing there.
By default, the other contestant got the prize behind Number 1.
Her friends and family rushed over to celebrate with her.
Balloons fell from the ceiling, and the band played.
The host put his arm around me and said,
“That’s the game, kid. Better luck next time.”

1 comment:

  1. I'd go back and look at door #2, dear - sometimes the real prize gets scared off by the spotlight. All those balloons, the music - it can be too much all at once. :)