Saturday, May 7, 2011

Day 215: Evolution

Yesterday I had a nice catch up chat with an ex-boyfriend. 
He played a major part in the evolution of my personality as a woman.
He was my biggest fan.
Front and center of all my shows.
Always telling me I was beautiful, talented, and making me feel sexy.
He pushed me out of my cocoon and my traditional upbringing--challenging the boundaries.
And he gave me the confidence of never doubting for a second that I was loved.
As fiery and passionate as our relationship was, we too often were two roosters in a cage.
And eventually that stopped us from evolving as a couple.
But the woman I am now would not be possible had I not left him.
And the man he is today would not be possible if he had not met the women he did after me.

And then today I spent time with an amazing woman.
Out of all my friends, she has evolved the most.
Leaps and bounds!
I can remember walking about town with her while she struggled to find her place in this big ol’ world.
But with a bit of time and the courage to listen to her gut she found her way--in a big way.
I asked her, “If you were in a couple, do you think you would have made this choice?”
And she responded, “I highly doubt it. I would have stayed lost and leaned on my boyfriend.”
She’s glowing, happy, independent, and doing what she loves.
It’s as though she knew it all along.
And she did it all by herself.
I’m so proud of her.

I guess what I’m trying to say, is that when we’re in a couple we take on a different shape.
“I” becomes “we” and you can grow in that… or get lost in that.
It’s a beautiful thing to evolve with another person.
But it’s a miraculous gift to grow and evolve all on your own.
How many people have faced being lost, and then found their way with their heart?
How many people walking this earth know themselves?
Sometimes a broken heart is an open door.
Sometimes going off track brings you home.
Thanks to two special people, I remembered that.


  1. Wow, it seems great minds do think alike - this is exactly what I was writing about earlier!

    A x

  2. Only the Bible is more true than this.