Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day 124: Father Time you are no friend of mine.

How often in the course of one day do you check to see what time it is?
I do it a lot.
I am regularly in dispute with the clock.
Asking it to go faster because there is something I am impatiently waiting for.
Or petitioning it to slow down because the lines on my face are getting deeper.
And more often than I’d like to admit, requesting to go back to  a moment that is so far behind me I’m afraid it will be lost forever.
But doesn’t all time get lost?
When everything that is will soon be what was?
Don’t we barter time with every one of our breaths?
Time is not a friend.
It is a spirit, a ghost.
It dissolves as it happens.
It disappears. It passes.
Who could hold onto a ghost, really?
I think about what the world will look and feel like 500 years from now.
When I am not here and you are not here.
And ‘our time’ is a thin chapter in a history book some distant relative may be studying.
I wonder what they will think of the time we were given.
I wonder what we will think of it.

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