Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Day 79 (2nd post): awake.

She feels the chilly draft of morning hit her shoulders and pulls the sheets up to her neck.
Damn it. The duvet fell to the ground. Brrrrrrrr.
Shivering, eyes closed, her foot sleepily searches for his legs under the sheets.
She finds him and huddles closer, placing her legs onto his.
There is nothing better than the warmth of his sleeping body in the morning. Nothing.
She opens her eyes to look at him.
He is so peaceful. He isn’t searching like when he’s awake.  He is just breathing dreams.
She kisses his arm, and he stirs.
He opens his eyes for a second, and automatically pulls her in tighter, kissing the top of her head.  Then his breathing gets heavy and he is fast asleep again.
How does he do that?
The room is bright for 6 am. And cold.
Maybe we can stay like this all day. Nice and warm. Together.
Maybe we don’t have to be part of the world for 24 hours.
Can’t we just remain exactly as we are?
His hand moves and runs through her hair, as though he can hear her thinking. 
Isn’t he sleeping?
She closes her eyes, and breathes him in.  
He smells like rain. Dewy, sweet and salty… all at the same time.
He has to leave, and she doesn’t want him to.
Stay. Hide. With me.  
His hand stops moving. Again he sleeps.
And so she decides to join him.
Her mind searching for the dream he is dreaming. Hoping it includes her.
When I am with you, I am always awake.

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