Monday, June 27, 2011

Day 266: Rush Hour (how to get nowhere fast)

What starts the love rush, exactly?
And let’s forget sexual chemistry for a second or two.
What makes you realize you are in over your head because your heart is bursting?
Is it a look?
Something they say?
What triggers it?
That “oh shit, I think I love this person” rush that infects your insides.
And there is no turning back once the rush hits.
It’s a scary, truthful, sobering flood.
You now have something and someone to lose.
You now have a very good chance of getting hurt.
If they love you back? High-Fives and Hallelujahs!
But if you know they don’t? Ugh.
Then terror is amplified tenfold and you’re swimming in the deep end.
In the dark.
All alone.
Reciprocation is key.
Reciprocation is the life jacket.
That’s why, friends, it’s important to understand what started the rush for you.
The look?
The words?
What has left you with nothing but saturated, condensed feelings that overwhelm you at will?
You have to figure it out.
And then Ol’ Rush needs to have a good talking to.
Ol’ Rush needs to get its shit together and know the stakes.
Because nobody appreciates being thrown in the pool with their party dress on.
You feel me?


  1. amen.

    and i hope you're making a book, because you have such a brilliant way of turning these feelings and experiences into stories. you are somehow able to personify feelings i can barely find words for. i love that.


  2. ... and Cole's notes so that we get the FULL feeling when you say "you feel me?". Your sh%*t's deep! :)

    - mk