Saturday, October 1, 2011

Day 361: Embracing Unconventional Whimsy

I’m an odd one – it’s true. (Well, after 360 days, I’m pretty sure you’ve figured that out for yourself). But I’ve noticed lately, that the oddities seem to be piling up considerably. Am I getting older and creeping ever closer to senility? Yes. But I think I'm just collecting quirks like most people collect stamps. (Do people still collect stamps? Do stamps still exist? I digress…)

I do silly things.

I eat regular flavored Ruffles row by row – line by line -slowly, letting the salt melt on my tongue. I can do this with an entire bag. And when I’m stuck in traffic, I make acronyms out of the letters on license plates. I do. I make up utterly ridiculous acronyms, I can’t help it! It makes the time pass and it sometimes makes me laugh.  In the winter, it’s not rare for me to get out of bed at 1:00am, wash the tub and sleepily take a very hot bath. And almost every night I read quotes on my iPhone app before bed so that I may test myself in the morning to see if I remember any (I never do). And when I walk in the rain, I like to twirl my umbrella to see the raindrops slide off and swirl around me before they hit the ground.

I could go on, but you get the idea...

I think they're piling up now, because I'm allowing them too. I strongly believe that all our idiosyncratic behavior is a resurfacing of all the childlike qualities that hid away when we got too busy growing up and changing into adults. No nonsense, make money, be a good person, be a good employee, sister, daughter… Someone can crack under all of that. So, now, I celebrate every single quirk.

And one day, when you find yourself splashing puddles just to get wet or smiling to yourself because you dunked the water bottle into the recycling bin from 5 feet away, you’ll know what I mean, and celebrate it too.