Thursday, September 29, 2011

Day 359: With a little help from my friends....

Knowing about a girl who is writing every day online for a whole year is one thing... Being friends with one is an entirely different jar of fried pickles. With one week left to go, here to explain what the last 358 days have been like, are my besties: Teresa, Marcie and Christina (the other bestie in Columbus, Ohio should count her lucky American stars that she missed the entire hoopla altogether).

365: Alright, here’s your chance. Let it all out. What has it been like?

Christina: I now know what it feels like to have children.

Marcie: Ummm, I don’t know. It is like Groundhog Day, but the part when Bill Murray figures it all out and starts to have a good time.

Christina: I thought Bill Murray died in the movie. He died of writer’s block.

Marcie: Noooo he falls in love and lives happily ever after.

Christina: Sorry, I was thinking of Capote. Well, I now know every thought Tanya has had for the last 358 days. It was like being inside her head, minus the Being John Malkovitch coolness of it.

365: Ouch.

Christina: I mean that in the most loving and thoughtful way.

365: Are you saying I die at the end? This is terrible.

Christina: You may die at the end of this blog.

Marcie: I think I will miss you frantically begging us for ideas and then ignoring every one we came up with. That was fun!

Christina: I’m with Marcie. We had some good ideas that were ignored.

365: Hey, Christina, you got plenty of air time!

Christina: Not nearly enough for my ego.

Teresa: I got NO air time. In fact, I think you've totally missed out on all my news this past year. I feel like a middle child. Completely ignored.

365: THERE she is! Was wondering when you'd join the party. FYI, I’m a middle child, so now you know why I needed a blog.

Teresa: That was very Machiavellian.

Christina: Did you learn that word tonight?

Teresa: I’m very clever. You didn’t know?

365: Let’s stay on topic, folks! What else?

Marcie: How about having to get you home by 10:00p.m. for the past 358 days just so you could post before midnight.

Teresa: Seriously. I used to like Cinderella.

365: And then you’d read what I came up with and think to yourself, “We rushed her home for that?”

Teresa: Not really. It wasn’t so disappointing, it just wasn’t news. We were part of the brainstorming process so no surprises for us.

Christina: I can't believe you never used Western Standard time.

 That would be cheating. Did I ever surprise you? Did I ever write a post that made you learn something new about me?

Teresa: There were many times I wondered where your imagination came from. Especially your fictional dialogue pieces. Those were most surprising.

Marcie: I can’t pinpoint something right now, but I loved the posts with your niece. I think it showed a tender side of you that might not always be evident.

Christina: I learnt a lot about your family.

365: Well, I would like to officially apologize for discussing this blog at length one too many times. And I’m sorry if I stole some jokes.

Teresa: It’s OK, you had no choice.

Marcie: We knew this about you way before the blog!

365: I knew you’d understand.

Marcie: I was surprised at how much your readers loved those blinking dialogues. I loved them too, they were a big hit!

365: Yeah, the Conversations With My Cursor did well, surprisingly. OK last question: What is your pick for fave post?

Teresa: Ouff, that’s hard! The Architect was a memorable one.

Marcie: It really is difficult, I mean I am your niece’s fan for life.

Christina: Yeah, she hit it home. She made me feel bad for being single. And she’s not even my family. Maybe she has a future in blogging?

Teresa: I guess I’m happy the Internet dwellers got to know my friend a little better. In hindsight, being a middle child for a year was worth that sacrifice.

Marcie: I would just like to say, when you are on Jimmy Kimmel, I would like to be your date. And I would like Penelope Cruz to play me in the TV movie of your life.

365: Right. Noted. Thanks buddies. For everything.


  1. I'm just disappointed I only found your blog in the 340s. And, that the year is coming to a close.

  2. Feel free to rifle through the oldies!! ;-)