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Day 357: Oh, Marie!

Frankie: Wow, look at you!
Marie: What?
Frankie: What do you mean 'what'? Sweetheart, this whole room was black and white until you walked in with that red dress on. Now it’s raining Technicolor in here!
Marie: Oh, Frankie, c’mon, don't start...
Frankie: I’m serious! Look at you!
Marie: How many times you use that line, huh Frankie?
Frankie: Just this one time, for you.
Marie: Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm sure.You're such a terrible liar.
Frankie: Liar? Marie, when you gonna face the facts? You and me, we’re like peanut butter and jelly.
Marie: Oh, so now I’m a sandwich?
Frankie: Doll, you’re the stuffing and I’m the bread wrapped around you.
Marie: You’re disgusting, you know that?
Frankie: Ahhh, c'mon! Don’t get your panties all bunched up. You know I'm crazy about you! I’m just trying to be sweet, that’s all.
Marie: The only way anything that come outta your mouth is sweet, is if you’re spitting up chocolate. I gotta go, I’m on in fifteen and I gotta make-up my face.
Frankie: Wait, come here. Kiss me before you put all that red lipstick on.
Marie: In your dreams, De Luca. And do me a favour, don’t holler when I sing. I hate it when you holler. It's embarrassing.
Frankie: I can’t help myself; you bring out the animal in me.
Marie: Yeah, the dog.