Monday, September 26, 2011

Day 356: Ten

Seeing as there are only a few days left, I thought I'd share some life lessons with ten different nuggets of wisdom.


1- “Mother knows best” – well, not always, but it’s just a faster phone-call if you say she does.

2- “Tomorrow is a new day” – unless you wore really uncomfortable shoes yesterday, then today is a replay of yesterday’s new shoe pain.

3- “Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do” –except if you’re driving alone in downtown Detroit without a GPS and it’s your first time there. Then, for the love of God, trust no one!

4- "Love will find a way" - are you not listening to me?! It's Detroit, people!! Drive all the way to London, Ontario without stopping. Love will find a drive-by shooting.

5- “A bad penny always turns up” – but a good twenty dollar bill will help you ‘get down’ with a couple of dry gin martinis.

6- “Hope costs nothing” – except for maybe that Hope Diamond…that shit be expensive.

7- “Appearances are deceptive” – especially when going to house parties end of October.

8- “Good things come to those who wait” – except, maybe, if it is -45 degrees with the wind-chill and you’re waiting for the bus. Then frostbite and hypothermia comes to those who wait.

9- “Man cannot live on bread alone” – but Italian woman can. Keep it coming’.

10- “The future is unwritten” – yeah, yeah, yeah… don’t I know it. What the hell am I gonna write about tomorrow?!

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