Saturday, September 17, 2011

Day 347: Correspondence

November 14, 1933


I have not been able to send word before now. Mother’s condition has worsened and the mood of the house is rather melancholy. I’m afraid I will be staying in London longer than expected. We cannot meet in Paris as we had hoped. I know I said I would speak to father about our plans, but he locks himself in his study until the early morning hours. Timing is a sensitive matter. I pray that I may tell him soon. I know you will understand. You always do.

I miss you terribly.
I wish you were here.
I wish many things…

Please write soon.



December 11, 1933

Sweet Clare,

I’m deeply sorry to hear about your mother. I hope by the time this letter reaches your hands that her health has improved considerably. I know you are being the strong Clare that I love. Paris will have to wait. As shall I, wait for you.

Mr. Loughery has managed to find me work at his shop every other Tuesday. I am most grateful for it. My brothers and I are diligently working to pay off my father's debts, so that the Wimbley name will once more be one that your father can hold in high regard.

I picture you smiling before I fall asleep.
It seems to be the only way to find peaceful slumber.
There in spirit and there in dreams,

Your Liam

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  1. OH!!! I know what that is.... it's the beginning of a really good NOVEL Ms. Writer! :D