Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Day 343: All dressed up and nowhere to go.

I wish I had an Old Hollywood party to go to.
Cole Porter playing a tune.
A sea of champagne glasses.
And the glamour!
Garbo! Hayworth! Monroe!
Women just don’t dress like that anymore.
The soft and touchable finger waves.
Full crimson red lips.
Long sleek dresses that hugged curves in all the right spots.
The satin gloves.
The long cigarette holders.
So sultry.
So timeless.
Unbeatable in my books.
I want an excuse to get all dolled up that way.
And if none of you are going to throw one of those parties, I might just have to.


  1. Throw a Hollywood party yourself. You are talking my era era. Would love to see that photograph.

  2. Would love to see a photo of you in that era, Moannie. You're beautiful now, I can only imagine the hearts you broke then. Thanks for stopping by, I've missed your comments. Tanya