Sunday, September 11, 2011

Day 341: From scratch.

Relationships are kind of like baking.
It’s a tailored science.
Extremely hit or miss.
You can follow a tried and true recipe down to the last detail and it can still fall flat because you opened the oven too soon.
Or the wrong blend of spices can end up making something that tastes nothing like dessert.
Even when you were certain their combined flavours would be amazing.
You try it, and it just doesn’t work.
Or maybe, horror of all horrors, you got way too buttered up that nothing stuck like it was supposed to.
The whole thing just fell apart.
That’s not so sweet, I’m afraid.
So why is it, that fail after epic fail, we keep fastening our apron strings?
Why do we crave it even though the last time it burned our tongue something awful?
Wouldn’t a diet offer better perspective to making healthier choices?
But not everyone can get a perfect chocolate soufflé their first time around.
Sometimes you have to try a batch or two (or three) until the timing and the blend is just right.


  1. You are the queen of analogies! I love this. And want to share a glass of wine with you :)

  2. ha! I'm just really awful at baking, so it was an easy analogy to choose. Yes: you, me, wine, soon.

  3. That's a beautiful analogy dear. Just perfect, and smart, and well said. Again. :)

    I've not only hung up my apron for good, I'm afraid - even boarded up the kitchen. But I do still enjoy watching others find their way through all you've described. xo