Thursday, September 8, 2011

Day 338: Super Balls!!

I’m pretty sure my downstairs neighbor is about to put a hit on me.
You see, I found a ‘Super Ball’ behind the TV.
Remember those?
(You don’t? C’mon! Google it).
Here’s the thing: I love Super Balls! 
(That just made me crack up. Why is the word “balls” so funny?).
Forget that I have no clue why I have one.
Forget that.
Let's just discuss how I immediately started bouncing it against the floor (her ceiling) and catching it.
Over and over.
For so long, in fact, I think I fell into a trance.
Boink. Boink.
Just bouncing and thinking.
Then I began bouncing it fiercely on the floor, to get some height and make it hit my ceiling.
A few minutes of that...
And I believe this is the point where the Benny Hill theme song started playing in my mind.
Then I went really fast-motion crazy.
I started bouncing it really hard from the sofa to strategically have the Super Ball ricochet and land in a bowl.
A few things fell over (my aim is horrendous) and I had to move the sofa a few times.
But it was SO much fun!
It was a Super Ball Extravaganza!
It was a Bounce-a-Palooza!
I only stopped because I can’t find the damn thing.
(Hand eye coordination, not my strong suit).
Anyway, it was a workout.
What with the bouncing and the chasing.
It was a racket too.
I think she’s going to have me shot.
I have been at it for thirty minutes.
Oh shit!
I hear someone coming up the stairs.
It’s been real swell knowing you all.
I'm going to go hide under my sofa a wee bit.
(But, hey,if I make it, come over tomorrow night and we’ll play double or nothing).

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