Monday, September 5, 2011

Day 335: Appraisal.

Tonight I went through my computer documents and surveyed a lot of my old work.
Stories, personal essays, journals, songs I've written...
It’s so funny what you think is good at the time.
What you save.
And then years later you read and just ...cringe.
I wonder if any of these 365 posts will stand up to my critical eye when it’s all said and done.
I have to seriously refrain from reading the archives, as the urge to revise the shit out of them comes on strong.
They say in art, ‘don’t be afraid to kill your darlings’.
I’m just trying to get them to graduation day on October 6th!
After that day comes (and maybe some more time after that, sister needs a break) I think it will all go under my murderous review.
Reviewing your writing is much like reviewing your past.
You have to be a smart editor.
Sift through all of it with an objective eye.
See your weaknesses, and see your progress.
Kill the superfluous that fail to move the plot forward.
Hold on to the lines that really resonate.
The ones that demonstrate the right word choices.
And then save them for a rainy day.
They just might play a part in writing a far more interesting story in the future.

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