Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Day 329: Beauty and Grace

Just like Carroll Baker declared with her indignant southern twang in Kazan's 1956 film Baby Doll“I’m a magazine reader!” 
Forget the pretty pictures on the interweb machine, I like me some glossy paper.  
I’m sitting on my living room floor, right now, in my bath robe with a heaping bowl of Banana Nut Cheerios and the September issue of Vogue. 
A blissful feast.
Every crisp and silky page I turn has a photo I want to look at for at least ten seconds.
Or run my hands across.
The September issue is a whopping 800 pages.
(I’ll let you do the math, I’m an artsy fartsy).

But it’s the best one.
And it’s not because I want to stay on trend.

It’s because the photos are absolutely amazing.
Some are breathtaking.
I know Anna Wintour gets all the final say, and all the glitz and glory, but the best spreads in Vogue are because of Grace’s unparalleled vision.
I’m a huge fan of Grace Coddington, Vogue’s Creative Director.
Her m
ise-en-scène and sharp eye for colour and beauty have fostered in me a love for fashion from a very early age. 
I loved her work as a teenager, and didn’t even know it, until I was old enough to recognize her style.
It was never the skinny, retouched women, wearing the clothes …but the iconic images she created that brought the clothes to life for me.
That made me want to touch them.
That made me want to play dress up in them.
Later in life, I got to work for such major fashion houses as Valentino and Prada.
And working in fashion will rob you of your love for fashion.
But the magazines, they still give me a little buzz.
A little pick-me-up.

I know I’m supposed to be a feminist and reject the way women are unhealthily portrayed and objectified in these types of fashion books… 
But I am a lady who likes to admire pretty things.
Sue me.

And I still think the Fall issue of Vogue is incredibly lovely to look at. 
It is a celebration of femininity.
Of beauty in all forms.
Of sex appeal.
Of elegance.
Of class.
Of fashion.

And, don't tell Anna, but it is Grace’s living masterpiece.

**see my favourite Grace Coddington clip here.**


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  1. Couldn't agree more, on the September issue, the inspiration and the photographry. I get it every year and I swear it takes me through winter before I look through all of it. Ha.

    I haven't tried the banana nut Cheerios yet, but you're tempting me. :)