Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Day 316: tuning in, adjusting frequencies to respond...

It’s official.
My body hates me.
Or at least it is very, very mad at me.
I don’t know what I ever did to piss it off and have it play such mean spirited trickery on me, but it is angry and sneaky and making me look bananas.
Test results are coming back normal, so these acute one sided episodes that take over like they do, have left me quite tired and so very confused.
I’m not the only befuddled one; my neurologist is trying to figure it out, too.
She ordered a 24 hour EEG to further test, but isn't sure that will help us conclude why, four years later, these symptoms have returned on my left side.
An eenie weenie lesion on the brain is still present since then, but does not seem to have altered in any way that could cause these 'episodes'.
So... I'm baffled.
Is this anxiety?
A strange anxiety that only takes over the left side of me?
Or is my Body pissed off and trying to get my Spirit’s attention?
Is this a languageless form of communicating something I desperately need to learn right now?
But what?!
I did the automatic health stuff: stopped coffee, stopped alcohol, tried to remove unnecessary stress… and still these symptoms seem to be affecting my day to day.
So what, Body, do I need to do?
What do ol' Spirit and I need to change?
What am I ignoring?
I’m ready to hear you, but you have to meet me half way.
I will self-help-hippy-dippy-new-age the shit out of all this if it helps us talk to each other more coherently.
You ready?


  1. "self-help-hippy-dippy-new-age the shit out of all this " I think this should be put on a T-Shirt.