Monday, August 15, 2011

Day 314: Honor and Health.

I have this idea that books and albums come to you when you need them most. When they can teach you something or inspire you.  When you can process what it is that they have to offer.  It’s happened to me many times over my lifetime. One example is Joni Mitchell’s ‘Blue’ album. I bought it when I was nineteen because I heard that it was incredible - and I hated it. I thought she was too shrill and chirpy. Cut to seven years later, someone leaves it at my house; I listen and am so completely moved by it.  I wasn’t evolved enough to understand what she wrote about when I was nineteen. But in my mid-twenties, ‘A Case of You’ felt like it was written straight from my heart. It still does.

The same type of thing just happened again. In the last three years I have heard the name Caroline Myss come up several times. Different people telling me I should read her books for various reasons.  At one point, I had even typed “Myss” in the NOTES section of my iPhone because I thought her take on archetypes sounded interesting enough to look into, but… I never checked it out.  A friend subsequently downloaded the audio books for me and put them on a CD to listen to and I never even pressed play. I thought it sounded too ‘new agey’.  Cut to last week, and my sister buys me a CD of a radio program featuring Myss called “Healing with the Spirit”.  I laughed.  I guess there was something I needed to hear from this lady.

I listened to it in the car on my way to work today. (Driving these days requires courage and crossed fingers that I won’t have another of what the doctors are calling “focal sensory seizures”.  So I listened to Myss very intently to distract myself from the tingling symptoms and just get to work without pulling over to the side of the road once or twice).  Before I knew it, I was completely enthralled in what she was saying. She speaks about how our emotional state can influence our cells; or her term: “biography becomes biology”.  How our thoughts present negative or positive reactions to our state of health.  And how our surroundings contribute to our physical and 'spiritual anatomy'. She finds that society is in decline and that honor is not as prevalent as it used to be and with her intuitive studies she has observed just how important a factor that aspect is for the ‘maintenance of health in the healing body’.

*Quote: “Honor – I mean integrity. I mean the capacity to give your word and keep it…what I recognize, when I look around, is that there must have been a time when we were more honorable but we’ve become a society that simply manages each other’s dishonor. What that means is that we no longer honor the sacred, there is no ritual that holds us, and there is no vow that we don’t care if we break…”

Those words hit me like a pillow to the head because I really feel that. I feel somewhat lost in the world I live in. I sense the change in me, and in the people around me, the people I newly meet or the men I try to date. The value of honor, the value of a promise, the value of a handshake, and the value of your word… it has lost its resonance.  We say it. We think it. But we don’t really give it the merit we used to. When did it become OK to live in the shadows of ourselves? What good can grow there, in the dark? If I am not in line with my own individual honor code, if I haven’t established one in this new societal order that we've created, how can my body be in line with health, happiness or well being? How can yours? How can we as a people help each other grow or heal  if we do not stand up and admit that we turned a blind eye one too many times and let it slip away to yonder year? And maybe we shouldn't have.

I want more from my world, from my life, and from my health.  And I guess I will have to start by working on myself and hope the rest falls in line with that. Thank you, Caroline Myss. And thank you, Universe, for sending her words to me at exactly the right time. 

*excerpt taken from Caroline Myss with Michael Toms "Healing with the Spirit".
 Caroline Myss

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