Sunday, August 14, 2011

Day 313: "Crazy, Stupid, Love."

I just came back from watching the romantic comedy: Crazy, Stupid, Love.
I really liked it.
It left me smiling.
And not just because Ryan Gosling was lighting up the screen with an effervescence that’s hard to match, but it was the plot line that got me.
Hook, line and sinker.
Every time.
Sue me.
I miss romance.
I miss being naïve enough to remember what that kind of falling in love felt like.
I miss believing in Soul Mates.
I miss laughing with a boyfriend so hard my insides hurt.
I miss it.
And I know it’s just the movies.
And I know it’s not really how life works.
All those small or grand romantic gestures…
But there’s a part of me that lights up every time I think about it.
Every time I think about ‘meant to be’.
I hate that all I remember is how crazy a love declaration can make you look when the person doesn’t love you back.
And how monumentally stupid that makes you feel.
Being an adult sucks sometimes.
Not everything is better spoken aloud, I tell myself on a regular basis.
But my heart has a lot to say.
And I miss saying what is in my heart to someone who really wants to hear it.

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  1. I love the romantic in you and I'm very fond of Ryan Golsing, Steve Carrel, Emma Stone aaaaand Julianne Moore but I have to say the movie sucked! I was hugely disappointed. It needed to be cut by like- half. I'll save it for our movie review segment ;)