Thursday, August 11, 2011

Day 310: Thursday’s Child Has Far To Go.

I was born on a Thursday, much like this one, thirty four years ago today.
According to that childrens rhyme, I still have a long way ahead.
After the last three weeks I’ve had, I’d say that’s really good to know.
Maybe it should be this year's mantra.
Because I have discovered that even though times get hard, people will hold you up.
People will push you forward.
People will support you.
Cheer for you.
And, today, more than other birthdays before, I am most grateful for the people in my life.
Who share their lives without question.
Who share their strength without hesitation.
Who share their love without pride.
Who share their encouragement without jealousy.
They make me want to ‘keep on keeping on'.
Until I am the very best version of myself.
And they are the ones that make this a happy birthday.

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  1. "Share their encouragement without jealousy". I like.

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