Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day 309: That's why my head's in the clouds.

I was thinking tonight about some clouds I flew through in June.
It was on that scary, teeny-tiny plane ride taking me from Nassau to Eleuthera.
Somewhere in between that very turbulent flight we hit a smooth spot.
Tense flyer that I was, I relaxed enough to open my eyes and look out the window.
And then I saw the clouds.
Millions of pure white, swollen clouds.
Shaped like fluffy white ridges.
Ice capped cloud mountains floating above crystallized blue water.
Slowly morphing and moving.
Following us.
Enveloping us.
Part of us.
It was the most magical scene I have ever witnessed.
This Grand Canyon of the sky.
And there I was flying right in the middle of it.
Realizing then, that a bumpy ride can take you to a place of unimaginable beauty.
Of calm.
Of peace.
If you just take a deep breath, and open your eyes.

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