Monday, August 8, 2011

Day 307: Write it like a note.

I just got a call from my six year old niece.
She was calling to see how I was feeling.
(My sister, no doubt, put her up to it).
I told her I wasn’t feeling so great.
Then I asked her to help me write my blog because I was tired and didn’t have too many ideas.

Her: Can’t you tell your teacher you don’t feel good today?
Me: I’m my own teacher these days, sweetie. What would you write if you had a blog?
Her: Let me think for a few seconds… (quiet)… Umm, are you feeling a little down today?
Me: Only when I don’t feel well.
Her: Well, are you happy or sad? Are you good or not good? Just say how you were feeling today.
Me: I don’t really want to talk about today. It wasn’t so good.
Her: If I would be doing what you were doing now, I would write it like a note. Like for example, I would write, “Hi Sally, I am sorry I cannot play with you in the school yard, but I do not feel well. And I cannot go to school until I feel better.”
Me (smiling): You’re so smart. Thank you.
Her: That’s just what I would say. OK, I have to go to bed now. Maybe you’ll get more ideas. You just have to think really hard.
Me: Right. Good night!
Her: Bye!

After I hung up, for the first time today, I felt some wind in my sails.
Pushing this little tugboat along.

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