Sunday, August 7, 2011

Day 306: You don't send me flowers anymore.

My friend called me the other day.
I was at a show and couldn’t answer the phone.
As soon as I could, I listened to her voicemail.
She’s not a phone person, she doesn’t call, but that night she did to see if I was doing OK.
I see this friend every other day and we email/chat/text all the time.
But the fact that she called rang an alarm.
The next day, at work, I emailed her a thank you and explained my surprise.
She replied, “Wow, when did a phonecall become the equivalent to sending flowers?”
It’s so true.
Social media, the world-wide internet… keep us connected intangibly.
Calling someone, using your voice, has become a boundary crosser.
Reserved for older family members, bad news, emergencies…
More people, myself included, will send an email or a facebook message to catch up with someone.
I used to spend hours with boyfriends or friends on the phone.
And now I communicate through a screen.
I keep up with them faster, and more conveniently, but something gets left out.
And I wonder if the telephone will one day soon become obsolete?
Is it going to be like a vinyl record, sitting there, so much more authentically, next to an iPod?
Will it be a decorative statement?
Will the telephone portion of the iPhone soon be an app you could upload?
I'm embarrassed to say that I never noticed myself falling into these new habits.
Voices, as I’ve mentioned in a previous post, carry the essence of the person.
Why would any of us settle for less than the real thing?
Why would any of us want plastic flowers when the peonies and begonias smell so lovely this time of year?

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