Saturday, August 6, 2011

Day 305: Just call me Bubble Girl (my friends do)

It’s very important to wear matching bra and undies.
Sometimes a girl realizes this when she is being rushed to the hospital by ambulance.
Because sometimes ambulance drivers can be very good looking.
And they sometimes need to open your blouse and do an EKG on the spot.
They also need to put sticky pads on your legs for this test (thank God I shaved).
Then they stick oxygen under your nose while taking your blood pressure every 5 minutes.
And they talk to you about your job, ask questions…
You smile, and relax a little.
Until you realize you don’t look so cute with your blouse half open and oxygen stuck up your nostrils.
And you’re on a stretcher, in an ambulance, and not at a café chatting up this lovely man who is being so careful and nice with you.
Who is making you feel well again.

Yesterday afternoon was pretty horrible.
The left side of my throat and chest closed up and I was gasping to breathe.
But these two wonderful (gorgeous) men took good care of me.
Until everything was OK again.
And by the time I got to the hospital, I was back to my old self.
Ahh, my 'old' self.
Why has it forsaken me and let some stranger move in and take over whenever she feels like it?
Doctors saying “nothing we can do in the meantime” or "more tests" teaches you to be grateful for every minute  that is OK.
And there is a lot of OK, don’t get me wrong.
(And don't worry).
There's just a lot of confusion in the mix.
But I’m going to continue business as usual until the answers come.
And I’m going to be OK.
But I'll wear all my nicest bras and undies.
You know, in case.

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