Thursday, August 4, 2011

Day 303: Giving Chicken Little a run for his money.

I think a hard hat has finally beaten out the hipster fedora.
These are precarious times in Montreal.
Pieces of highway crumbling and falling down like large cement-block hail.
Potholes the size of moon craters trapping city buses and fire trucks.
Cranes tipping over in the neighbourhood mid-afternoon.
And that was just since Saturday!
What’s next, a meteor shower?
If only it were natural disasters!
Only the man made kind.
The badly made kind.
And you'd think it was being taken care of...
Everywhere construction and detours and construction.
And detours!
Orange cones as far as the eye can see.
The glow of red brake lights in traffic reminding just how late you really are.
It’s bananas.
I love my city.
I really do.
But it needs a fast fix.
Some Botox and filler, perhaps.
Someone to properly organize major re-constructive surgery.
I’m pretty sure we have already been billed for it.

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