Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Day 301: (light) a match

When you are physically attracted to someone straight away, does that equate a bad relationship match?
Is the love relationship sabotaged when lust comes first?
Physical attraction is so primal.
For these reasons, should the physical aspect be the last deciding factor so that love can blossom intellectually or sentimentally?
But then, we can all fall in love with someone so easily on paper.
Words are a subtle seduction method, don’t underestimate them.
And when all the other ducks are lined in a row, and the damn butterflies make a clean sweep for the exit just as he walks into the room, what then?!
You think he's super, sweet and loving but you don’t want to rip his clothes off with reckless abandon.
Can the mind trump over matter, in sexual matters?
Or will love suffer to lust?
Couples out there, which are you sacrificing, really?
And why does a magical and perfect blend of the two seem to be a riding on the back of a unicorn somewhere?

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