Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Day 275: "Enter stage left on cue."

Lately the world feels like the queue in a busy food court at lunch hour.

“What would you like?”
“Hurry up. You’re slowing down the line.”

What if I need to take a minute to figure it out?
What if I can’t make up my mind?

“What did you say?”

I’m still a paying customer, right?
Everyone is wired to go-go-go.
And then go faster than that.

“Speak up, Miss!”

I’m a Type A personality.
I’m the girl who gets the job done.
I will go-go-go as you ask of me, until my body cannot.

“Look up at the signs. What number do you want?”

Straight A student.
Perfect employee.
Detail oriented (who thinks ahead, sometimes at home in bed).
Gets there first, leaves last.

“Is she OK? I can’t take her order.”

Figure it out and handle staff.
Watch costs.

“Miss, your order…”

Nobody asks perfection.
Nobody but me.

“Ma’am,there is a line-up behind you. You’re  going to have to say something or get out of the line.”

So I would like a second to remember to tell you that I don’t eat red peppers.
Or onions.

“For the last time, what do you want?”

Please, don’t rush me.
Give me a second to figure it out.


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