Thursday, July 28, 2011

Day 296: Good for you.

In the last emotional 48 hours I have seen so much beauty in the people I know.
And in people I don’t really know at all.
Someone holds a hand or sits beside you silently.
Or maybe they reach out by bringing tea or dinner, or sending an email to reassure they are a phonecall away, or simply sing a song to provide a distraction, and some relief.
All from the heart, all from a very good place.
All healing.
In times of concern and times of grief, I do believe that our hearts open up to pockets of strength we never knew existed because of the kindness of the people around us.
My brother-in-law, Nelson (well, more like a brother to me in all respects) has suffered the worst.
What a man he is.
An only child who just lost his father two days ago to cancer and lost his mother today to cancer in the same hospital while continually showing such courage and resilience.
I know no one like him.

Aside from having my family around him, and other friends and family, the palliative care team at the Montreal General Hospital have been the reason for his getting through this ordeal with his head held high.
There are good people in this world.
I don't doubt that anymore. 

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