Friday, July 22, 2011

Day 291: I want you (but it's so heavy)

We don’t know what we want.
We really don’t.
We want what we want until we don’t want it anymore.
Or we only realize what we actually wanted when it is no longer on the menu.
What a fickle bunch of wanters we are!
“Please arrive exactly as I imagined on a silver platter. Exactly the way I want.”
“Please want me.”
“I want to please you.”
"I want you to make me laugh."
"I want you to be serious about this."
“I want you to be different than the others.”
"I want you to be normal like the others!"
“I want you to have  money.”
“I don't want you to want me only for my money.”

I want not to want you anymore.


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