Monday, July 18, 2011

Day 287: Rogue

I think I need to seriously get my vices in check.
I’ve taken this ‘wanting what I can’t have’ thing to a whole new level tonight.
I partially blame the whispered inappropriate banter between my friends and I while we walked around the neighborhood after dinner.
You see, I live in a prominently Hasidic community, so it is not uncommon to walk past many Hasidic men in one evening.
They always seem to be rushing past me in their dark coats, and top hats.
But tonight I crossed paths with a Rogue.
He wasn’t rushing.
And his walk was more of a confident strut.
He was gorgeous.
His had very angular features, light brown hair, dark green eyes and a perfect beard.
Not too long, not too short.
The top button of his shirt was undone and I couldn’t help but peer at the sexy nape of his neck.
I realized that I was staring as he walked by me, because our eyes met before he quickly looked down.
When he was out of earshot, I turned to interrupt my friends.

Me: Holy Jesus. Did you see his face?
Christina: Yeah he wasn’t a regular looking Hasid.
Me:  I know! It was his walk that caught my attention.  He looked at me.
Christina: What?! He looked at you?!
Marcie: Oh shit.
Christina: He’s not supposed to do that.
Me: It was only for a second, but we made eye contact.
Christina:  Oh my God, he indulged!  
Marcie:  This is bad, Tanya. Now you’re messing with God. You’ll have to convert.
Me:  Hmmm, I’d think about wearing a wig for him. He was smoke show sexy. 
Christina:  I can’t believe he looked at you! Now he’s not going to get into the 'Promised Land'.
Me (shrugging): Well, I guess that makes two of us.  

A girl can’t have any fun.
So instead, this charlatan will say ten Hail Marys and rent the Thorn Birds.
OK not really.
No Hail Marys.
Maybe just the movie.
Because I’m a hopeless case.

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