Sunday, July 17, 2011

Day 286: going back

When I was a kid, and summer vacation ended, my stomach was always in knots.
A flurry of excitement, nerves and sadness all bundled up in one.
What would the new year hold?
Who would be in my class?
Would I like any of my teachers?
Would I hate them?
Mom would take us kids out to the local drugmart to buy copybooks, binders, loose leaf paper, pens and pencil cases.
I enjoyed that part immensely.
I have always had a special love for papeterie.
The distinct scent of blank pages are my favorite.
Crisp and white.
Waiting for newly learned things to fill them top to bottom.
Now, as my week of summer vacation ends, I long for the nostalgia of the past.
An office awaits my presence tomorrow morning.
And a desktop covered in notes from my colleagues about things they couldn’t figure out while I was gone.
Pens and pencils and highlighters not purchased by mom are waiting for me to grip them tight.
Pads of paper, no longer used for anything but reminders of things I need not to forget to do.
It’s a funny thing growing up.
And the way life changes on you so sneakily.
It seems the older I get, the more I want to be a kid again.

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