Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day 283: The Primrose Path

Was there ever a brighter day?
Was there ever a darker night?
Waiting with anticipation.
Tickled pink with shades of vermilion.
Thunder crackled in her heart.
And she held the wall for support.
The weather was clear.
But still the breeze coated her skin with the light touch of rain.
Lingering doubt was no longer welcome.
It tried to fly to her, but it was a bird with a broken wing.
She took it in her hands, caressed it, and placed it on the balcony.
Looking back at it for only a second before closing the window behind her.
She drew the shades.
Lit a match.
An aroma of incense clouded the room.
And like a wet rag of smelling salts she inhaled the sweet smell of unbottled sin.


  1. Ahhhhhh, everyone needs a smidge of unbottled sin once in a while.. such a delightfully wicked essential to life!

  2. like it. It has a nice hint of sexuality.