Saturday, July 9, 2011

Day 278: It's a secret. A badly kept secret.

There’s this pool in Montreal. It’s called the Secret Pool.
We can’t tell you where it is, because it’s a secret.
Everyone knows about it, and can basically point to its general direction.
But it has that name just to make it sound more exciting than it is.
Today my friend Christina (so clearly obscure) and I, somehow, found our way to this oasis.

Things we noticed at the (not so) Secret Pool:
  1.  You need to pay $5 and have a tattoo to get in (we just paid, but they gave us dirty looks about the tattoos).
  2.  It is not cool to swim at the Secret Pool. You should only lounge along the perimeter dangling your  legs looking impossibly fresh and long limbed.
  3.  Re-apply sunblock after dangling legs in water.
  4.  Remember to bring said sunblock.
  5.  When it’s crowded, and towels start to overlap, it can get friendly.
  6.  The NY Times crossword puzzle (even with the help of friendly towel over-lappers) is impossible to solve. (Word Seek; however, is awesome).
  7.  Bringing a Cosmo Magazine feels uncomfortable when over 30.  Stick to the newspaper, much cooler. (Avoid NY Times crossword).
  8.  Some people have back hair in the shape of a heart.
  9.  They don’t have a cold beer stand at the Secret Pool.
  10. But they should have a cold beer stand at the Secret Pool.
  11. Granola Bars are a hot ticket item, though, and are sold at a 200% mark-up.
  12.  The Secret Pool has enough chlorine to kill a small baby.
  13.  Don’t bring your small baby to the Secret Pool.

This is very classified information.  Don’t tell anyone.
It was all a dream.
Even this picture.

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  1. Haha! In all my years of having lived in Montreal and passing by the pool on my way to I'm not saying so as not give away its not so secret location, I never had the pleasure of lounging in its perimeter... sigh!