Sunday, July 3, 2011

Day 272: Going faster than a roller coaster.

There is this new thing that has appeared on the social network landscape.
It’s called “Check-in” or “I am here” or “Look at me, please, look at me.”
I think it was formerly called “Stalk me for free”.
But don’t quote me on that.
Basically what it does is digitally check you in to various locations.
This could be a restaurant, airport, museum or whatever place you think the public needs to be aware of.
It’s all very scientific, but let me try to explain it to you.
You walk into a bar. Your phone has a seizure and sends a signal to space.
Then, approximately 22 seconds later, a tiny psychic lady living inside your phone receives that signal.
She then looks into a crystal ball to see who you are with.
She snaps her fingers twice and orders her pet monkey (also miniature and living in your phone) to update your facebook status or tweet the information.
You don’t have to do a thing except drink champagne (when you’re thistay).
"Isn't it genius?" said thieves everywhere around the world.
Yes. Thieves.
Who are laughing hysterically when you check-in to the airport.
Because now they can rob your house.
It’s so cool.
I think what would be even cooler is to have people check-in to the normal places. Like:
“At grandma’s- tagged Aunt Alice and Uncle Bert” 
“At Motel 6 -tagged coworker.”
“Exit 17 Rest Room-tagged person who put casual encounter ad on Craigslist.”

"Laundromat- tagged dirty socks"
Yes, this should be something available absolutely everywhere!
Someone should tell the monkey to tell the fortune teller to tell the dude in space to work on that.
It’s so great to see technology flourish. 

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