Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day 262: just a little patience

I am slowly learning the depth of my patience.
Slowly, slowly, slowly.

And I’m afraid it does not run as deep as I would have hoped.
Some days I want to scream at how long things take.
Why the constant wait for the rest of the pieces to align?
I am ready, now!
Don’t shake your head at me.
Don’t look at me with those patronizing eyes.
Patience is not a virtue I possess.
So what?
I want to rush things, skip steps, and just get there.
I know that’s not how the world works.
I know that’s not how life works.
I realize it takes the time it takes.
Even if that is a long time.
Even though I am ready now.
I realize that because I am the girl who is waiting for a ship to sail in on dry land.
And it will.
Wait with me, you’ll see.

It will. 

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