Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Day 260: The wheel's still in spin.

“Anything can change in life.”
You’ve heard that expression before.
It floats above your head when you’re at your happiest.
Like a cloud waiting to rain.
Or it is whispered in various undertones of hopefulness by close advisors or strangers, when you’re at your lowest.
And the words sparkle like a gift waiting to be unwrapped. 
“Anything can change.”
Yes, anything.
And it does.
Over and over again.
Doesn’t it?
Never on schedule.
Always when it is least expected.
Just when you think you’ve handled the last one, something flips it the other side around.
And now it is not the same.
My question is never what will change, but how will it change me?
Can I ever remain as I am, when everything I know has a new face?
Am I growing? Or am I changing?
Is one impossible without the other?
Is change growth?
Because if it is, then I can accept it.
If it is one and the same, then let it change, and let me grow.


  1. we all live in the permanence of change ...

  2. I so feel this one Tanya. I feel like so many of my frustrations come from experiences which feel like all change and no growth. Not that that can't happen, or that I'm not open to it - but more like "okay. i've already gotten this lesson down thank you. this is just cruel now." :)

    I wish I knew.