Saturday, June 18, 2011

Day 257: the entanglement

One day, unaware, two individual silver necklaces became star crossed lovers.
In the vastness of the jewelry box they found their way to each other.
And when they touched, it wasn’t long before they were locked in a tangled embrace.
It could not be determined where one ended or the other began.
They were so blissfully inseparable.
But the longer they were together, the more fragile they grew.
Bit by bit, and knot by knot, their situation became a delicate one.
And breakable.
Reality set in.
That outside the safety of their comfortable drawer, they weren't considered jewelry.
Outside the box, they were just two different necklaces that needed to be unraveled.


  1. Great blog! Catching on a bit late though...
    and awesome poem!(or is it like a story? Doesn't matter, still awesome)