Friday, June 17, 2011

Day 256: Who Knows How Long I've Loved You...

Today I purchased tickets to see one half of my all time favorite singer/songwriter duos perform live. Paul McCartney. I can’t even believe it, I’m so damn giddy. Sure, my tickets are in the nose-bleed section, sort of behind the stage, with a partially obstructed view, but who the hell cares?! I’m in the same room as friggen’ Paul McCartney! The only living Beatle!!  (No offence, Ringo).

As much as I have fostered a deep admiration for John Lennon over my lifetime, Paul McCartney remains (to this day) my ultimate crush. I remember being 7 years old in my dad’s car and hearing “‘Til There Was You” on the eight track, blushing and thinking to my seven year old self, “He has the prettiest voice a boy could ever own!”  It’s so light and soft. It sort of wraps itself around you. Kind of like spooning.

Yes, I was a goner right from the start. And over the years, I have let my mind fantasize about what it would have been like to date him (pre-Linda) back in their 1960’s heyday. I imagine him to have been the kind of Beatle Boyfriend who only slept with a few groupies before coming over to my place, to sing a song he wrote just for me! Yeah, he’d have been swell to date! He would be smiley and patient while teaching me bar chords. He’d even recite rhymey riddles to help me remember my finger placement for that tricky C#. Such a clever, silly boy that Paul! And fabulous at spooning!

As a songwriter, I am pretty sure no one has ever been able to make more girls swoon than Paul (we’re on a first name basis, I let him cop a feel when he taught me Bm). He has certainly written a variety of complex rock songs with ol’ Lennon, but his own slow-to-medium tempo hits are the ones that cut right to chase. And right to the heart. Every Beatle lover knows a Lennon song, but everyone on the planet knows the words to all the McCartney ones. They’re just so damn catchy. And lovely. Like spooning.

So when I see Paul on July 26th, I won’t see the frailer-Heather-Mills-choosing older version.

All I’ll see, in my partially obstructed view that night, will be the sparkly, handsome, young, mop-top lad who plays bass in the wrong direction, teaches me bar chords and still makes my heart skip a beat. You know, like, in the song he wrote for me: 'Let Me Roll It'.

Here's my all time favorite clip of my boyfriend - I mean, Paul.

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  1. ah you are so lucky!! damn you wanna give me your ticket :) and sorry but what are you talking about Ringo Starr is legendary! he's my favourite Beatle for sure!