Monday, June 6, 2011

Day 245: These Days Are Ours

I’m sitting at the airport in Eleuthera.
Sunburned and mosquito bitten with a face sore from smiling.
We just found out that our scary small Dash 8 has a flat tire so our flight has been delayed.
I wish we could have been delayed on the beach with cold beer, but we have a connecting flight to catch, so we’ll just sit here in the small bar-less/snack-less airport, enjoy the wi-fi, and hope we don’t miss it.
Ugh, I’m sad it’s over.
This was a very short vacation, but a sweet one.
A real pick-me-up.
With laughter, sunshine, special moments and good people around every corner.
I have met two bus-loads of new friends that I’d love to stay in touch with.
I got to hang out with an awesome dog and have him chase me on the beach under some of the biggest stars I’ve ever seen. 
I got to see a close friend get married and start a whole new life in another country.
And I got to bond and converse with my sister without the kids distracting her every five seconds. We needed that.
This trip was a blessing, every detail tailored perfectly.
I even heard Arcade Fire and Feist playing in the hotel lobby because the owner and I had identical taste in music. Such a nice guy.
But mostly, while on the beach, I listened to a lot of Paul Simon.
It seemed to fit the setting perfectly.
I played "The Obvious Child" (below) on repeat more than twice.
The words rang true on this delightful sojourn.
In more ways than one.
It fit the emotional stories that my new friends shared with me.
And it reminded me I have been denying the obvious in my own life a little too long now.
So long Bahamas, thanks for giving me a lot more to be thankful for.


  1. Oh, what a scrumptious post, in every way! I so remember tiny back water airports like that, as I travelled around Africa. Catching up with sis without the distraction of her having her babes in tow - ah yes, I remember those rare, precious times too - but NEVER by a beach in the Bahamas!! You lucky, lucky thing - I am so envious!

    Darn, looks like I am still anonymous! It's me (Shrinky)..

  2. Thanks Shrinky! It was a very memorable trip, indeed.