Sunday, June 5, 2011

Day 244: Modern Love Walks Beside Me

Everyone should get married on a beach.
And this coming from the girl without the bride gene.
My friends tied the knot yesterday in one of the nicest ceremonies I’ve witnessed in a long time.
Parasols in the wind.
Guests dressed entirely in white or khaki.
Waves crashing on either sides of us.
The sun setting.
I wasn’t expecting to be so emotional, especially because I was busy photographing.
But the minister really hit home with a lot of the things he said.
He brought to light the beauty in that leap of faith.
With his words he made me understand again the special brand of magic found in that monumental decision to wed.
I looked at my friends, and I silently blessed them with every positive thought I could.
Because I want them to make it.
I want nothing to screw it up.
I want the love to win over anything life throws at them.
I saw tears of happiness falling down Serena’s face as she said her vows.
I saw the way her husband Craig looked at her with such pride.
And I saw genuine love.
My heart burst for them.
And it burst for me, because I realized an important lesson at that moment.
I have had a hard time looking at marriage objectively.
I have had a hard time believing in it for my generation.
I lost my faith in modern love.
But I felt something yesterday that made me remember the seriousness of that bond.
And how we should try to help people protect it.


  1. A touching and beautifully written post. Have you ever thought of giving your friends a copy of this post as a wedding keepsake?

  2. If ever a heart was meant for such love (married or not), it's yours. This is a gorgeous description of the moment, the meaning, and the real magic that does happen in that leap (from what I hear). :)

    Wonderful Tanya.