Saturday, June 4, 2011

Day 243: Nine Lives?

Kids, the sun is not what it used to be.
I wore 65 SPF yesterday and still burned my arms pretty bad.
Mind you, I was a whiter shade of pale, so that wasn’t too hard.
I stayed in the water almost all day; it was too spectacular to be anywhere else!
The weather has been quite perfect.
Sunny and dry with a fresh cool breeze to dry you off.
Imagine immaculately white sandy beaches, and a calm, clear aquamarine colored sea.
The owner’s dog sits with me by the beach.
His name is Governor and I’m seriously wondering if I could dog nap him.
Governor's owner isn’t bad looking either… just sayin'. 
I love the combination of people in this wedding party; I haven’t stopped giggling since I got here.
At the end of the day a bunch of us rented a car from a local man for $40 and drove into town.
We fit three in the front and three in the back and head down to the annual Pineapple Festival.
There were no seat belts, only some type of rope contraption that we decided to do without.
Cars have to drive on the left-hand side of the road here, but the steering wheels are on the left, too.
A pretty terrifying combination when you are on the one narrow highway that leads you everywhere and an approaching car has their high beams on.
Lots of ‘almost’ collisions.
It’s amazing all the near death experiences I have survived on this trip.
Coming out of the bathroom of a dingy local bar we saw an actual giant tarantula.
I thought it was fake until someone poked it.
It wasn’t.
It was very much alive.
And we ran to the car as it lunged towards us.
Good times.
Today is the wedding; I’m staying out of the sun so I can look less like a cherry tomato in all the photos.
Hmmmm, but that water is calling my name.
I think I may need to go out and say hello to it.
C’mon Governor, let’s go for a walk and a swim.
And try not to get eaten by sharks.


  1. It looks fabulous - Glad you're having a good time and amazed you are managing to blog too!

  2. Sounds like your having a lot of fun :)