Friday, June 3, 2011

Day 242: "There's Someone I Forgot To Be."

Eleuthera is the Greek word for “Free”.
That’s exactly how I feel.
Free from worries.
Free from obligations.
Free to relax.
Free to let go.
And let go I have…
Yesterday, at the Fish Fry in town, I joined the locals and danced with them in the street.
Under the stars and moonlight by the beach, I forgot how tired I was and just tuned into the happiness.
Happiness is free, too.
Did you know that?
I think I had forgotten.
I walked into the ocean for about a mile and the crystalline water still only reached my hips.
Every variation of blue in sight.
And for once, I’m not using that as a metaphor for my emotions.
Because how can you feel blue in a surrounding so serene, so welcoming?
Well, I guess you could.
But it's a little bit harder.
I decided today that blue suits me better when it’s the color of my dress.
Or the water I’m wading in.
And to help speed up my heart repair, here in the Island of Freedom, I set my blues free.

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  1. Gorsh, it sounds beautiful! I'm glad you're setting your blues free, it's a nice feeling isn't it?

    A xxx