Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day 240: Listen to the wind.

The trees sound agitated.
They are arguing with a wild, wild wind.
And losing.
Bits and pieces of them are plummeting to their death two seasons too early.
Whipping at windows.
And whipping pieces of debris into my eyes while I walked down the streets.
It was bananas today!
(Seriously, it could have been a piece of banana that landed in my eye, I walked by a grocery store or two).
Good thing I wore my cute panties today!
I paraded them with every gust of that wayward wind.
I could swear it was trying to blow me out of town.
Well, a girl can take a hint.
I’m leaving at the crack of dawn.
On a jet plane.
(With my computer, damn it!)
I hear you, Wind.
I'm restless too.

1 comment:

  1. haha. :)

    I was picturing you with a banana in your eye until I read about the parading around in the the gusts of "wayward wind". Adorable thought, that. :)

    Where are you going dear? I am sorry if I've missed it (and for my absence lately) - it's just been a hell of a time lately. Waaah.

    Wherever you are going, I wish you safe travels, and I hope your journey inspires you and eases your heart. Much love my talented friend.