Sunday, May 1, 2011

Day 209: marketing.

I spent the day hunting for treasures at an antique market outside the city.
It’s one of my favourite things to do, and I can spend hours perusing.
But then I come home and question the fact that I purchased a vintage brass pastry cart.
Even if I got it for $20.
I should be buying nice new things.
Instead, I buy quirky old things.
Everything in my place is either from another era, or designed to look that way.
Maybe I surround myself with antiques because they are a comforting contrast to the modern world.
And the modern world doesn’t want to stop changing!
It’s bigger and badder and faster…
Too fast, sometimes.
And it feels, to me, like it is losing a touch of authenticity.
Of workmanship.
Of class.
Of good.
Lately, more than ever, I feel a need to be reminded of a simpler time.

…and that is how I will justify purchasing that expensive (gorgeous) vintage floor lamp.


  1. Where do you go? How does one go about finding antique markets?

  2. Hmm, do you live in Montreal? This was a flea market (a friend told me about it) in Sainte-Eustache that has merchants selling old goodies on Sundays. (**It's not all antiques, I must warn you, there are also people selling tires and drill bits). You gotta take the time to meander around all the outdoor aisles to find the hidden gems. Email me ( and I'll let you know of any other good spots or estate sales when I hear about them (just stay away from Art Deco brass or no deal. ;-)

  3. You should also stay away from the hair dye that has been baking in the sun.

  4. Awwwww, worth every penny, I say. Camden Market, Notting Hill Market, Shepherds Bush Market, Covent Garden market, hell, I've even done Billingsgate fish market (at 4.30am - and got chucked out for my troubles.. but, um that's a whole n'nother story!) - you are preaching to the converted here..

  5. 365 : St-Eustache? Wow! Kudos on finding anything. My hubs and I went there last summer. Junk and more junk and socks (?!) and junk...

    Shrinky : I want to go to there! England, I presume.

    The search continues.

  6. Antiquaire: Oh yeah, loads of junk, but I did well. Got a beautiful umbrella stand, too.

    Shrinky: I'm coming over and we're going treasure hunting!