Monday, May 30, 2011

Day 238: Weather Permitting

I’m not a fan of “What if” and “Maybe”.
So I’ve banished them both.
I put them in a box and sealed it shut with crazy glue.
And then I mailed that box to a land far, far away.
(A land called Châteauguay, I think).
Because what is the point of wondering?
It’s futile.
It’s depressing!
Is it not better to live in the now – in what is? 
To act or not act and be done with it?
Yes, I say.
That’s a much better way to live your life.
And love your life.
Decisiveness is key.
And that key will magically open a new door.
Or close and lock one up for good.


  1. dude! :O what the hell? you are literally taking songs from my ipod! :L

  2. Dude! we both have great taste. high-five!