Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day 234: And I'm wondering more every day.

I just got home from work.
For the last twenty minutes I have been sitting on my stoop with the neighbor’s cat.
Just getting some air, rubbing my aching feet and contemplating.
You know, stuff.
And by stuff, I mean ‘men’.
I’m thrown. Again.
At an event tonight, after a really nice and stimulating conversation with this very rich (and very married man) he felt comfortable enough to move in closer and say, "You know, a great girl like you should be set up in a nice apartment with nice things.”
I answered that a ‘great girl like me’ is set up in an apartment.
The one I set up for myself.
I called a waiter to refresh his drink, and then smiled and excused myself.
Dude, are you kidding me?!
Set me up in an apartment?
What is this, 1981?
Do I look like Melanie Griffith in Working Girl?
I can hold my own with almost anyone.
I pride myself on that.
I work for a very powerful financial giant and he speaks with me as an equal.
I run a company for Christ’s sake!
But talk to a guy at a business cocktail, and you still have to put up with the macho bozos who treat you like a piece of ass.
Put the canary in a cage and have her sing for her supper.
It was all I could do to keep myself from setting my bra on fire and tossing it in a waste bin!
And I know all men are not like this, but lately... it ain’t looking so good.


  1. What do you do at night in that apartment?

  2. I knit. (Sitting in a rocking chair with a green face mask and curlers under a shower cap while talking to my 11 cats).

  3. And smelling of urine - don't forget the smelling of urine.

  4. The cats - the cats smell of urine. I smell deliciously fresh and clean as always!

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  6. I was going to reply this:

  7. Phew.....Glad I beat you to it then!