Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day 230: The Real Goodbye

Who invented the ‘encore' at concerts?
It’s such a funny tradition.
The band says goodnight after a strong number and exits the stage.
The lighting is still set, and the crowd goes into hysterics chanting their name.
We know they haven’t performed their biggest hit, so they have to come back.
Yes, we know the drill by heart… but we don’t know why it’s still done.
Bathroom break?
A chance to high five eachother in secret?
A quick round of “Go Fish” stage left?
After all these years, both as spectator and performer, I still don’t get it.
It feels kind of silly.
But I feign a triumphantly surprised expression when the band comes back onstage anyway.
Because, well, that’s tradition too.

**Saw my girl crush live in Montreal yesterday, and she was well worth the encore.
It was something like this...**

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  1. he believed encores were silly. He never once did an encore. Ever. The theaters would shake with people stomping their feet. But the superficiality of the tradition - its expectedness - always bothered him. At his very last show, at the Olympia in Paris, having already declared that this was to be his last recital, he came out to salute the audience seven times. But he had sung everything he had prepared. He was done. And glad they had appreciated his work.